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Beginning with AI overviews, Google is testing ads

Existing Search, Performance Max and Shopping campaigns can be automatically eligible to appear in Google’s AI Overviews.
Ads are coming to AI Overviews, Google announced today at Google Marketing Live 2024.

What’s new. Google is testing the inclusion of Search and Shopping ads in the AI Overviews containers that can appear atop search outcomes for complicated queries.

How it works. When an advert is deemed applicable to each the quest query and the AI Overviews, it’s going to floor within that overview in a “backed” section.

No action is needed from advertisers – existing Search, Performance Max and Shopping campaigns can be mechanically eligible.
Why we care. This could make advertisers glad as their ads can be stronger, however this can also result in less click on-throughs to a brand’s site. This could be the begin of site visitors losing off as Google offers the data purchasers need proper at the SERP.

The large photo. This replace represents one of Google’s first steps towards monetizing its AI investments throughout purchaser products like Search.

Early consumer checking out located humans locate the AI Overviews helpful and are traveling a greater various array of websites via the links supplied, Google said.
What they’re announcing. “We’ll continue to be focused on sending treasured site visitors to publishers and creators,” Google stated, suggesting a balanced method between AI content and external web sources.

Between the lines. Slotting commercials into AI overviews is new territory for Google, and comes at a time when AI is both pricey and a potential risk to its profitable center Search advert business version.

Intrusiveness. Any overly disruptive or intrusive ad placements inside AI-generated Overviews may want to undermine their perceived application and objectiveness.


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